Armourgeddon is a third-person, steampunk mech action game. With access to over ten different weapons, each with a devastating super attack, players can battle through vast hordes of enemies using whatever play style they choose. Use long range weapons, close range weapons, melee attacks, turrets, mines, you name it! Tear through the battlefield with style and class, and have fun doing it.

Development Time: 6 Months
Team Size: 14 (3 Programmers)

A.I. Functionality

Rocket Bot

  • Strafes around the player while firing deadly rockets.

Charge Bot

  • Strafes around the player, waiting for the perfect moment to charge. The player is knocked back and damaged upon being hit by this bot.

Mortar Bot

  • Stands in place and launches mortar projectiles through the air towards the player.

Railgun Bot

  • Stands in place and charges up its massive rail gun. When fully charged, the gun is fired at the player

Rocket Drone

  • This drone will fly around the player in random directions, continually firing rockets.

Kamikaze Drone

  • This drone will continually follow the player, trying to come into contact with the player. When the player collides with this drone, the drone will explode. Dealing damage to the player and any bot or drone around

Mini-Boss 1

  • This is a two staged mini-boss. The boss alternates between firing multiple Gatling guns at the player and charging to different locations.
    • When firing  at the player, the boss also aim towards the player.
    • While charging, the boss leaves behind tar on the ground that he ignites upon ending his charge. This leaves fire in a line behind him that can damage the player.
    • As the player deals damage, the boss loses pieces of his armor.

HUD Functionality

  • Player Health. Displays the player’s current health as a percentage text field and lowers the background color height.
  • Cooldowns. Below are two symbols that change depending on the currently equipped weapons. Above are three buttons that flash when the player performs a melee attack.
  • Super Meter. Slowly fills up when player gathers super. Upon reaching half full, the first half of the bar flashes along with the SUPER text and shift button. The second half continues to fill and only flashes when it is full.
  • Kill Count. This text field displays the number of bots the player has killed.
  • Minimap. A fully functional minimap. A background texture displaying the current level is moved based on the player’s current position. Three objectives can also be enabled, creating an arrow pointing in the direction of the objective and changing to a symbol of the objective upon arrival.
  • Objective Timer. A text field that displays a timer that counts down. In the form of min:sec:ms.
  • Boss Health. This displays the current boss’ health. Also switches the green lights depending on which boss is currently in combat.
  • Popup Text. Text field used for displaying current objective info. Disappears after a given amount of time.
  • Subtitles. A subtitle box that plays an intro and outro animation. The portrait and text can easily be changed using kismet.


  • A.I. functionality for seven unique enemy types.
  • Custom kismet nodes for various level designer situations.
  • HUD, Main menu, and Pause menu functionality using Autodesk Scaleform and Adobe ActionScript 2.0.
  • All ActionScript 2.0/3.0 programming.
  • In game 3D HUD elements including weapon loadout tooltips and objective health bars.
  • Performance Optimizations to support upwards of 200 enemies.



(All Keyboard specific symbols automatically switch to xbox mapped symbols when a controller is being used.)






  • TC_Bot.uc

  • TC_DroneBot.uc

  • TC_DroneBotKamikaze.uc

  • TC_ConstaRocketBot.uc

  • TC_ConstaChargeBot.uc

  • TC_ConstaRailGunBot.uc

  • TC_ConstaMortarBot.uc