DeathBall is a first person shooter capture the flag game, where instead of two flags the players try to capture one big ball. The game sets in a futuristic environment where two robot teams compete on a death sport. The teams have to roll the ball into the other team’s goal to score 1 point, the first team to score 5 points wins. The robots use different weapons to move the ball in different ways through the levels. In order for the players not to die they must avoid the hazards that surround the level or even the ball itself when is moving too fast. The game has a humored style communicated through the visuals, and the overall gameplay.

Development Time: 3 Months
Team Size: 8 (1 Programmer)
Environment: Unreal Development Kit 3 (Unreal Script).

Gameplay Programming

  • Created the the initial idea for the game.
  • Worked closely with level designers to implement easy to use kismet(tools) for various level hazards in the game.
  • Worked with an artist to implement a single weapon that can animate to different states.
  • Created a stable unreal 3.0 KActor(physics actor) to simulate the objective ball.



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