Rigidbody Physics


This demo simulates rigid body physics and collision detection for spheres and cuboids. Each objects is fully emissive and also lights the surrounding area using deferred lighting. Collision detection uses an AABB bounding tree for both static and dynamic objects, to allow for quick look up of possible collisions. Objects will also fall “asleep” when their average movement has gone below a certain threshold. This enables us to skip updating these objects, increasing the performance of the simulation.

Browse Code: DemoCollisionDetectionPhysicsSystem

Download Demo: Dropbox


  • C++
  • OpenGL 3.3
  • Deferred Shading
  • Rigid Body Physics
  • Bounding Volume Collision Tree
  • Supported Bounding Volumes
    • Sphere
    • Axis Aligned Bounding Box
    • Oriented Bounding Box

Video displays debugging visualization of AABB bounding volume tree.