Salvage Runner


Salvage Runner is a fast paced, top-down spaceflight game focused around the fantasy of being an interstellar smuggler.

Development Time: 2 Months
Team Size: 4 (1 Programmer)
Environment: GuildEd (Guildhall 2D engine). LUA.


  • The player can move in all directions to avoid obstacles in their way.
  • Barrel Rolling is the only action that is available to the player, allowing them to quickly move left or right.
  • Power-ups are littered throughout the level, increasing the player’s shield or ship speed for a limited time.
  • The Juggernaut is the large, unstoppable warship ship behind the player. It will follow and shoot at the player until the player is dead or has escaped.
  • Throughout the level the player will slowly charge their warp drive. Upon completing the level, the player will warp away from the Juggernaut and continue to the next level.


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