Vector Onslaught


Vector Onslaught is a top-down space shooter that was developed by three programmers over the span of one month. The goal is to destroy  as many vector graphic enemies as possible before your inevitable death. Touching any enemies will instantly kill the player. After killing enough enemies without dying the player gains an upgraded version of their gun to help in the destruction.

Development Time: 1 Month
Team Size: 3 Programmers


Particle System
  • Implemented using OpenGL Lines. The length of the lines are dependent on the currently velocity of the particle.
  • Emitters were designed in a fire and forget style, so after creation of an emitter it isn’t necessary for the creator clean up the emitter
Collision System
  • Implemented using spacial hashing for the broad phase of collision detection.
  • Enemies are slightly pushed apart from each other dependent on how much they are currently penetrating.
Background Physics Grid
  • Individual particles at line intersections are connected to a spring that is clamped at a specific position.
  • Force can be applied at any position on the grid with a given radius and force amount.
  • After a force is applied, the particle slowly springs back into place.



(Currently requires a Xbox controller to play.)